• Candice Courtney is a wedding baker extraordinaire. If you’re in Durban and you need someone to whip you up something wonderful, check out So Whipped and start dreaming…

    Here’s what Candice has to say about wedding cakes:

    1.    What do you offer to those planning their weddings??
    So Whipped is exclusive, artistic and trend conscious. We’re not ‘old school’ cake decorators, we’re old school bakers – we use real butter and real eggs – with a flair for design. We help you choose a style of cake that will best suit the theme of your wedding and your taste, and we offer all things baked: from brightly coloured French macarons, Belgian chocolate cake pops, cookies etc. We love dessert tables and believe in making food a feature.

    2. What makes your wedding cakes different??
    Our wedding cakes are different because we come from design backgrounds, I was previously in advertising and my staff are firstly artists and then cake decorators. We have an African jewellery artist, a designer, and an art and pottery teacher on our team.

    ??3. Why did you choose to focus on weddings??
    We chose to focus on weddings because we just love them!

    ??4. What advice do you have for brides who are planning their weddings??
    The wedding cake is normally a beautiful cake, it’s not like a novelty cake or those horrid printed cakes. It lives, it breathes, it has character, it represents the love of the bride and groom and what is close to their heart at that time. The cake is about compromise – it’s the first ‘taste’ of what marriage is about!

    For us, it’s like taking a design brief from a client. It’s so important to be at the meeting and understand the clients needs, who their target market is, what their product is etc. One gets to understand what the heart is behind the bride and groom’s special day.

    As an example, we recently had a groom who LOVES chocolate cake, his mom believes that the cake needs to be traditional, the bride loves fruit but not fruit cake, the bride’s grandmother who has passed away is very special to her and everyone called her Honey. So we create a cake that includes everyone. We make one tier of the wedding cake fruit cake, the rest dark chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream frosting and in amongst the flowers on the wedding cake we put a little handmade fondant honey bee.

    ?5. My favourite part of a wedding is…?
    Seeing the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time.

    ??6. I love weddings because…
    They are happy beautiful times, filled with dreams, love and excitement. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

    ??7. My number one tip for wedding cakes is…
    If you’re on a budget, size down the cake. It’s quite fashionable to have a smallish wedding cake nowadays. The wedding cake’s main purpose is to look incredible and for the bride and groom to cut, not necessarily to feed the masses. The other advice we can give is to never leave your guests hungry or with nothing to do. The wedding cake doesn’t have to be cut at the end of the evening. It can be cut just before one goes off to have photos as part of the guests’ tea.

    ??8. My favourite wedding trend with cakes is…?
    Vintage. Whether it’s country vintage, French vintage or classic vintage. They are all so light, delicate, pretty and feminine – a really beautiful style of cake that  lends itself to being a ‘one of a kind’ piece.

    Don’t they look (and sound!) fabulous? Wouldn’t mind a piece of cake right now, in fact…

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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