• I have such post-wedding wedding cake envy guys. I love all things Mexican – the food, the place, the people, the culture, the history, the way that colour is celebrated in every aspect of life, the folk traditions and the decorative details that make up the rich tapestry of this marvellous country. With the benefit of hindsight, for our wedding (coming up for fourteen years next week since we tied ye olde knot) I would SO have chosen one of these gorgeous, colourful Mexican fiesta cakes inspired by traditional Mexican folk embroidery. Actually, what I’m even more in love with is the idea of a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) wedding cake. You don’t have to go all the way, some of the examples here are really simple and won’t blow the budget, but simple or elaborate, they are colourful works of art that you and your guests won’t soon forget. If you are a bride-to-be (or know one) I suggest scrolling down and considering one of these showstoppers.

    PicMonkey Collage-343 PicMonkey Collage-344 PicMonkey Collage-345 PicMonkey Collage-346 PicMonkey Collage-347 PicMonkey Collage-348 PicMonkey Collage-349 PicMonkey Collage-350 PicMonkey Collage-351 PicMonkey Collage-352 PicMonkey Collage-353 PicMonkey Collage-354 PicMonkey Collage-355 PicMonkey Collage-356 And how extraordinarily pretty are these biscuits as wedding party favours or part of the dessert?

    PicMonkey Collage-357
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  • 10 Comments to “Trend Alert: Mexican Fiesta Cakes”

    1. RedCat on

      What beauties! And now I want cake…

    2. Sharleen on

      Omw stunning dying for cake now

    3. Lois Wessels on

      Awesome – love it

    4. Lalannie on

      I love the idea of hand painted cakes. Roxy Denbury is a SA local caker maker that makes beautiful cakes as well ( roxyfloquet on instagram).

    5. Mandy Allen on

      Thanks Lalannie. I’ll check out Roxy’s Instagram. I’m sure I know the name

    6. Cathi on

      Oh my they are too gorgeous for words.. good enough to (not ) eat- thanks for sharing xx

    7. lisa on

      Oh my hat … I’m in love!!

    8. Yolandi North on

      love love love this. we hosted a huge mexican fiesta in december 2015 & one of these would have been the cherry on top. i think it’s time to plan the next fiesta… xxx

    9. Zeah Witbooi on

      Never tasted Mexican cakes before, but whoa, this seems amazing.

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