• I love the idea of a pamper party instead of (or as well as!) a hen night – not only does the bride need as much pampering as she can get the week before the wedding (believe you me), but it’s a delicious way for a group of your nearest and dearest ladies to spend time together.

    The problem with the pamper party, as far as I’m concerned, is that most places don’t offer the party part along with the pamper. It’s all very well everyone having an individual pampering, but the point is that you want there to be some kind of togetherness. Do you know what I mean?

    That’s why I absolutely love the idea of sparties (spa + parties – get it?) The deluxe African Pride 15 on Orange hotel in the heart of Cape Town (on Orange St in Cape Town) has a simply delightful spa – the Suntra Spa – with a range of treatments that you can choose from, and a specially converted penthouse for you and your girlfriends to take over, so that you’re all in the same space as you’re pampered. The hotel will bring you drinks and snacks, and you can choose to spend a half day or full day being indulged in any way you like… My favourite? The Bliss Alliance, a choice of three 50 minute treatments (massage, reflexology, facial, pedis, manis – you name it) all in a row. Does relaxation get any more delicious than that? There are also all kinds of honeymoon couples treatments that sound simply heavenly.

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    I was lucky enough to experience the Hydradermie Facial, recommended because it makes your skin radiant and doesn’t make it break out – perfect for the week before the wedding. The therapist was fabulously skilled, soothing and knowledgeable, and the head, neck and shoulder massage she gave was simply fabulous. I also really enjoyed the Bellabaci part of the treatment: cupping the skin around the eyes to bring better circulation and get rid of those pesky fine lines. Best of all, I could see the difference after the one hour facial: my skin looked healthy, glowing – yip, radiant. One happy lady!

    I’d highly recommend a Suntra Sparty if you’re looking for something indulgent before the wedding… Just be sure to invite me, please!

    Until next time!

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