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    Three years ago, I was lucky enough to walk down this avenue of bamboo into one of the most spectacular hotels I have ever stayed at: Bali Pavilions. It might not look like much, if you look at the bamboo avenue (although that shade is pretty special in Bali!) but it is a haven of luxury and exotic comfort in the middle of Sanur, in Bali, Indonesia.

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    For starters, how’s this for a ‘room’? Each room is actually a double storey villa, with a private swimming pool and deck, an enormous lounge and kitchen, a heavenly bathroom (with a tub almost as big as my flat in South Africa!), an outdoor shower, a fabulous bedroom, and windows on all sides to let in the tropical breeze… Your villa is completely secluded from the rest of the hotel, and apart from the private butler who comes to cook your breakfast (to order!) or turn down your bed at night, you’re left to relax in your holiday home.

    Of course, there are communal areas too – bigger swimming pools and an incredible spa, but between your private villa and the stunning beach (an 8 minute walk or free shuttle ride away) you’ll probably be kept busy… Doing absolutely nothing, just as honeymoons should be! That said, you should make some time for the spa – I remember we had a couples Royal Lulur Treatment, a traditional Javanese Body Mask and Massage that was unbelievable.

    You’ll also want to set aside an evening to dine at the Jahe Restaurant – Indonesian cuisine in a private candlelit pagoda in a jasmine-scented garden will definitely be one of those honeymoon memories you take back home with you…

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    And then there’s the real reason people go to Bali: the beautiful beaches. Sanur is one of the more private beaches (while still on a road filled with great shopping!) so it’s not over-run by tourists. In fact, it is one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations I can think of. And I’ve been to quite a few!

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