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    Ladies, I have found the most delightful way to spoil your brideslaves (or vice versa!) before the wedding. Who needs a hen party when you can have a Lindt chocolate workshop? The studios in Cape Town and Joburg offer a wide range of workshops to choose from, but we went for the simple, classic, and simply decadent Lindt Truffle Workshop. Two hours of chocolate heaven.

    One of the most exciting things about the Lindt workshop is that you get to go ‘backstage’ and see how Lindt truffles are made (you also get to eye out the constantly pouring tempered chocolate fountain, which was very Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!)

    Kyle was our chef for the evening, and led us through how to make four different kinds of truffles, from start to delicious finish…

    We learnt how to pipe truffles of all different shapes and sizes (that’s me showing off my piping skills above – pretty good, huh?)

    We mixed up praline and milk chocolate and dark chocolate and coconut truffles…

    We were even shown different mixing techniques – although I’m pretty lazy and would probably stick to the good old-fashioned electric mixer in future…

    And then we got to coat the truffles. First in liquid Lindt chocolate, then in either cocoa, icing sugar, coconut or Lindt chocolate shavings. As you can well imagine, I was in a kind of chocolate stupor at this stage. Licking liquid Lindt off my gloved fingers? My idea of a good time!

    Some of the truffles came out beautifully, others looked a little special…

    But it was a delightfully fun and relaxed evening – and surprisingly useful. I feel like I could quite easily whip up a few truffles at home now. Doing a workshop with all your besties would be even more fun… A real treat.

    And then, of course, you get to take the truffles home with you! Mmmm…

    I would highly recommend a Lindt workshop as a fabulous way to bond with your ladies before the Big Day. Chocolate + bonding just makes sense.

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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