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    The Italian Riviera… doesn’t it make you drool just to say those words? I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, and specifically the Cinque Terra, with its romantic winding roads and houses perched on clifftops. Wouldn’t it be the perfect place for a honeymoon (fantasy or real-life?!)

    Strolling around the streets hand in hand, stopping for a gelato or a coffee, popping into sweet little Italian boutique shops, and hearing Italian spoken at every corner. If there was ever a place to get lost in with your new husband, this is it!

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    I mean, look at this place! Is it a painting, or a photograph?

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    My choice of hotel for this fantasy honeymoon goes to the Hotel Porto Roca in Monterosso (that’s the terrace above). This 4 star, deliciously Italian place (think loungers lined up around the swimming pool and ever-so-slightly OTT decor in the dining room) is perched on a cliff above the sparkling Mediterranean, overlooking the bay of Monterosso, the beach and the historic centre. Choose one of the many balconies and relax with a cocktail and a book, or go exploring and return to this view at the end of the day… There’s also a spa (of course), a bar serving up local Cinque Terre specialities like limoncino, and a restaurant specialising in regional pasta dishes – yum!

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    Imagine waking up next to your new husband, looking out the window, and seeing this! Wouldn’t you think you’d died and gone to heaven? Especially if there was nothing to do all day but explore the winding streets together…

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    I know it’s a real place, but I think if I were sipping sundowners and looking out at these views, I’d feel like I was in a storybook… Sipping prosecco sundowners, of course. When in Italy, drink bubbly like an Italian. And of course, that’s the other joy of a honeymoon in the Cinque Terra: the food. Pasta, pizza, seafood, gelato… And no wedding dress to fit into.

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    Sounds like my idea of heaven!
    What about you?

    Until next time!

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