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    When it comes to choosing your registry and the things you plan to surround yourself with for many years to come, quality always wins over quantity. Whether you choose the best linen you can find, gorgeous glassware, famous name kitchen essentials or even artwork, knowing that you have chosen items that will stand the test of time and that will still be performing and looking their best in a decade or three is essential. Which is where Bespoke comes in.

    As the name suggests, Bespoke is all about carefully chosen must-haves that reflect your good taste.  Bespoke is the brainchild of style maven Laura Hau. Laura curates registries and sources products for couples based on their tastes and needs and what she finds at independent quality-driven retailers and high end brands. So you’re left with a registry containing things you’ve always wanted to have  in your imaginary life (you know, the one where you’re married to your love?)  Things like the perfect palette of handwoven linen from Mungo for your bedroom or a Kitchenaid mixer for baking on a Saturday afternoon or Gemma Orkin bowls for when you have your friends for supper around your beautiful perfectly proportioned Loft Living table. Because although it’s not everything, the things you surround yourself with tell the story of you.


    How Bespoke works:

    • A consultant meets with you to see what you’re after and what your look is OR you check out their online showroom to see what you love

    • Together you decide on the nice to haves and the can’t live withouts from a pool of retailers

    • You make your choices

    • Your very generous family and friends buy absolutely everything on your list

    • Your stylishly wrapped gifts are delivered a month after your wedding

    • You live happily in your home for ever after

    This is what Laura has to say about Bespoke

    “I came up with the idea of Bespoke whilst planning my own wedding. I was surprised to discover that most couples in South Africa had a registry with 3 or 4 different stores and websites. So I decided to start a personalised online registry company that allowed couples the choice and flexibility of a department store.  Everything from beautiful linen to Le Cresuet cookware can now all be complied on one registry.

    We offer a personalised service that can be tailored to suit our clients’ needs and wants. We offer top-of-the-range international products that are largely exclusive in South Africa, as well as a number of the finest local brands.  As we are a service and product based company, we go above and beyond to ensure that each and every brides experience is special, as we understand how stressful this time in their lives can be. Exceptional service is not a compromise. I always advise our couples to select items that they would not necessarily purchase for themselves

    Bespoke is the only wedding registry that tailors to your specific needs, in other words, you no longer have to go and set up multiple registries at different companies to get home and kitchenware, as we offer it all.  We offer all of our couples a free 2 hour consultation in our Cape Town showroom as well as their own Bespoke consultant who is there to help couples create their perfect registry. We have just launched our online showroom, making it easier for JHB & DBN couples to have a Bespoke registry too. Creating a gift registry should be one of the most stress free and enjoyable parts of planning your wedding, we aim to make it just that”.

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