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    In many ways I am completely impractical (what do you mean I can’t wear ballet shoes in the middle of winter?!) but for some reason, when it came time to choose a guestbook idea for our wedding, I suddenly became very practical. I didn’t want something that people wouldn’t want to write in (a boring book), that we would put on a shelf and not look at for years (a pile of notes), or that would gather dust (a too-precious-to-use quilt, a teddy bear, a branch filled with origami messages). I wanted something cool, and exciting, and fun. Something vital, so that the messages people wished us would live on for longer than our one special day.

    I wanted postcards.

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    I mean, seriously, how much better is this than a book? No matter how lovely the book looks.

    Regrettably, in all the hubbub of wedding planning, I neglected to take into account that vintage postcards are really, really hard to find in South Africa. I mean, realllly hard. You want 100 or more? Without writing on them? Are you kidding me? In the States they can apparently order them at the click of a mouse. Not so here.

    So we came up with an even better idea: photographs. My man and I went on an amazing six month trip around South-East Asia and South America before we got married (we got engaged en route, actually) and he just so happens to be a professional photographer. So we have hundreds and hundreds of incredible photographs, many of which none of our friends and family have ever seen. So we printed out our favourite 100 or so, stuck white paper on the back of them, and gave people envelopes (and lovely stamps) to slip them into. And voila!

    The best thing about this, of course, is not only that your guestbook now looks really cool and you want to display the cards in your home as they come in, but that they come in slooooowly. There’s not a glut of advice and well wishes right after the wedding, when you’re already all loved up. We asked my mom to post them to us, one a week, and it’s taken over a year to get all of them (we still have some we haven’t seen). So we’re getting real post with beautiful images and love-full words from the people we care about most, during our first year of marriage! Win-win-win.

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    My very smart man made the postbox – don’t you love it? I do… It’s now happily storing spices!

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    A close second to this idea, though, is the card index, above. I’ve just found this and I think it’s so very cool. You have to find a cool card holder, and then either some index cards you like, or make your own. I love the idea that people’s messages are stored alphabetically (by name, I imagine), and think how much fun it would be to flip through so many messages of love! Fabulous.

    Which of the three do you prefer?

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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