• Today’s blog post combines two things i love so much – paint and jars! Such a simple way to make a striking statement in your wedding decor – cheap, chic and oh-so-cheerful! As you already know, i worship at the altar of Consol glass and love the beautiful, simple shapes that their glassware comes in but this DIY takes into account that you may want to transform old jars that you’ve collected. Scroll to the bottom for the how to.

    You’ll need a selection of paints (regular interior quality PVA is fine) in shades of your choice. Larger hardware and paint suppliers have sample size paint tins which will help you keep the cost down.

    Pour the paint in, slowly swirl around the jar, coating the entire inside surface and then drain out. As it’s   water-based paint it won’t take too long to dry. Avoid using a brush to keep the paint smooth and bristle-mark free and if you’re using  coloured glass jars or bottles, they will will need a number of coats and some patience – it’s probably best to use a They a spray-paint primer if you choose the colour jar route. Using them as vases? Pop a small jar inside your newly painted jar and let that be the water container otherwise your paint will lift.

    These glorious pix were found on the Laura Ashley blog

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