• We didn’t really do centre pieces as such at our wedding… We had Consol glass jars filled with proteas, and lots of little details dotted around the tables, but nothing to hold the space as definitely as a centre piece. Had I seen these book planters before our wedding, odds are they would have been centre stage!

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    What I love about book planters – particularly with vintage books and succulents, which seems to be the trend at the moment – is that they combine two visually different elements into one cohesive (beautiful) whole.

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    I remember seeing piles of books with flowers or succulents placed on top of them as centre pieces, but it’s not the same thing. No matter what stylists tell me, I think piles of books on a dinner table are a little arb… But fill them with plants? Now we’re talking!

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    You can also obviously tailor them to suit the style of your wedding – look how different the above and below planters look, even though they are both essentially books embedded with plants. Use the cover, use the pages, decorate with stones or moss or straw… The options are endless with these beauties!

    (pic source)

    What do you think? If you’re inspired to get crafting, I’ve found two simple DIY posts on how to make your own book planters (here and here)… Just send me pics of them when you’re done, please!

    Until next time!

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