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    A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a book called You Are Good At Things, which is basically a checklist for unusual things that specific people are good at, like noticing new haircuts, breaking your own records, and reading skywriting before it fades. Small things that really define a character.

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    It got me thinking: how lovely would it be to sit down with your fiance and come up with an unusual compliment for each of your guests, and then have them beautifully printed or crafted as their place names? There are all kinds of stunning ways to display typography (a few of my favourites on this page).

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    Of course, you could also hang the compliments as bunting, which would look a lot more graphic… And could turn into a treasure hunt: “No, I’m the one who can wiggle my ears!”

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    But I love the idea of a specific, personal compliment for each guest. It’s such a great way to show that you value each of your guests, and a wonderful exercise in gratitude for the people in your life – what fun to sit down with your fiance and come up with reasons to love your guests!

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    It would also be a great conversation starter if people don’t know each other at the table: “What’s that? You do the meanest Michael Jackson impersonation? Show us!”

    What are you specifically good at? I am fantastic at getting stuff for free.

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