• It’s easy to turn into a bit of a Bridezilla in the months before your wedding, as your To Do List gets longer and longer, and the days till the Big Day get shorter and shorter… But what I didn’t realise (Bridezilla Confession Alert!) is that it’s really easy to ask your friends for help. Here are 5 easy ways friends can help you with your wedding.

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    1. Crafting parties

    If you want a whole heap of crafty elements in your wedding, but don’t want to have to craft your fingers to the bone, why not hold a crafting party? You supply the wine (or bubbly!) and snacks, your friends supply the man-power. Trust me, as someone who has folded 1000 origami cranes: many hands really do make light work.

    2. Talent show

    Do you have a friend who is a whizz with websites, and another who does delightful design? Ask your friends to share their talents and help you with a wedding website or with your invites, or get a wordsmithy friend to help you write your order of service and choose readings. Everyone loves being asked to do something they’re good at, and it’s a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding.

    3. Setting up

    If your venue is unconventional (i.e. not already set up) you’re going to need some manpower the day before the wedding. Gather your friends around to help set tables and arrange flowers and hang decor and do all those little things that are fun to do in groups, but uber-stressful to do if it’s just you and your family. Just make sure there are enough cold drinks flowing to keep everyone happy!

    4. Specific errands

    The day or two before your wedding will be filled with hundreds of little errands: pick up the flowers, check on the cake, arrange the PA system, etc etc etc. Write them all down and assign each one to a specific friend. That person will be more than happy to have one special task, and it means one less thing for you to have to think about!

    5. On the day

    Nobody ever tells you this, but at the end of your wedding ceremony you will somehow be very thirsty and desperately in need of a fresh coat of lipstick / lip gloss before you have your photos taken and everyone around you starts snapping pics! Ask one special friend (not a bridesmaid, they’ll have enough to do) to bring you a bottle of water and your favourite lippy right after the service, so you can focus on what you’re there for: looking beautiful and feeling loved up.

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    I didn’t realise, before my wedding, what a joy it is when you ask people for help. Now that I have dear friends getting married, all I want to do is help. Give your friends the gift of being involved in your special day, and yourself the gift of a few less items on your To Do list…

    Until next time!
    Much love,


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