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    And no, I’m not going to start with the classic, ‘Don’t worry about the little things, because nobody else will notice’ (although it turns out that’s true…)

    Here are 5 things I learnt from my wedding day:

    1. Delegate, delegate, delegate
      On the actual day, you and your husband shouldn’t have any responsibilities except the biggest one of your lives-thus-far: getting married. So delegate all the little things like chatting to the caterers, sorting out the DJ equipment, and gathering the relevant family members for photographs to different people. All you need to do is show up and look beautiful (and say I Do!)
    2. Things will go wrong, and that’s okay
      Our soft serve ice cream truck got lost and arrived over an hour late because my new husband’s phone was in a car with his best man, who was trying to get his kids to sleep. And you know what? It didn’t matter! It all worked out fine in the end (and luckily we didn’t freak out about it).
    3. Timing is everything
      A well-timed wedding is a thing of beauty. The ceremony starts without you noticing it was the right time, drinks and snacks seem to flow effortlessly into the reception without anyone waiting for the couple to take their photos, and the dancing just seems to happen on its own. Plan the timing of your wedding and you’ll be guaranteed happy guests.
    4. A great DJ makes all the difference
      It’s easy to think that an iPod can save you money and keep people dancing, but the truth is that a really good DJ (we used the fabulous DJ HoneyB) can turn a wedding into a party everyone will remember. It’s a great investment…
    5. It’s about you and your love
      It’s not about your families, or your friends, or the catering / venue / outfits / music. It’s just about the two of you, and celebrating your love and the fact that you want to spend the rest of your lives together… And that’s a pretty magical thing!

    A wedding is one of the few things in life you’ll (hopefully) only do once. This puts a lot of pressure on the day, but also gives you a rare and beautiful opportunity to let go and live it, fully and deeply. Here’s to your special day!

    Until next time!
    Much love,

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