• One of the things that can cause a huge amount of tension and stress before your wedding is money. Specifically, spending too much money… It’s difficult to remember, in the midst of all the wedding hype, that this is just one day, and that there’s a whole life afterwards. So here are a few tips that could save you money on your wedding day. Feel free to add in any you think I’ve forgotten!

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    1. Decide what you care about
      Do you really want to spend R4 per person hiring a linen napkin? Is anyone going to notice or care? We decided they wouldn’t, and had paper napkins, with ribbon napkin rings to class them up a bit.
    2. Choose an easy theme
      If you choose your theme carefully, it can save you a lot of money. If the theme for your wedding is a picnic, for example, you get away with cute paper plates and plastic cups and finger food (all of which can be done beautifully) without it looking cheap.
    3. Borrow decor
      Love the look of doilies on the tables, or vintage platters for the food? Ask around and see if you can borrow an assortment from friends and family – then make mismatched plates part of your decor plan.
    4. Make your own playlist
      If dancing isn’t high on your list of wedding priorities, make playlists on your iPod and have them playing all night, instead of hiring a DJ and sound equipment. Just make sure you have enough to last till the last guests leave!
    5. Craft it
      Want lots of decor items without having to pay for lots of decor? Craft it. Find ways to make decor touches that look heartfelt and meaningful, and you’ll add a touch of caring without having to cut into your budget. We made a thousand paper cranes (literally) and didn’t have to bother with buying too much decor – the cranes filled the space beautifully.
    6. Find the right service providers
      If your caterer has a set price per head and will not consider any other options, it’s probably not the right caterer for you. Find people who understand what a budget is and will work within your constraints, and you’ll be amazed what you can get.
    7. Have a dessert reception
      Who needs all that boring savoury food when you can skip straight to dessert? The best part about a dessert reception (aside from not having to worry about multiple crockery and cutlery options – which is a huge relief) is that you can ask your nearest and dearest to pitch in with their favourite baked goodie. Your granny’s chocolate cake, your best friend’s cookies, your mom-in-law’s lemon coconut pie – it all gets to make an appearance.
    8. Arrange your own flowers
      The difference in price between buying loose flowers and arranging them yourself, and buying flower arrangements is simply crazy. Buy the flowers, borrow or buy glass jars or cute containers, and get creative.
    9. Get your family and friends to help
      A day-before-the-wedding set up day with family and friends means you don’t have to hire a wedding co-ordinator to do things like set the tables, arrange the flowers, and put up the decor.
    10. Get some perspective
      Do you really need crystal glassware and the most expensive plates and silver knives and forks? Or is the emphasis here on you and the man you love, starting your journey in life together? Get some perspective and you can save a lot of money for more important things – like your honeymoon. And your home. And your future life.

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