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  • Japanese Washi

    Japanese Washi

    Located in Cape Town
    071 452 4405
    Nowadays any keen crafter or stationery enthusiast is likely to have an impressive selection of Japanese Washi tape. The printed paper tape comes in what feels like a bajillion different patterns, colourways and prints and has taken the world by storm. Whether used to pretty up home made cards or arts and craftworks, to dolly up a DIY project or to add some zing to your table decor at your next party, washi tape is certainly one of the ways to make your creative mark. And thanks to online store Japanese Washi you can buy as many rolls as you like in just a few clicks. You'll love the site's clear and easy layout, the competitive prices and the gorgeous patterns on offer (they also sell wholesale) I Want to add more washi tapes to my already enormous collection Washi1
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