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    Aromatic Apothecary

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    Created by a qualified pharmacist and aromatherapy specialist who realised there is another way to provide relief for common health ailments via aromatherapy,  Aromatic Apothecary has been providing solutions for people using aromatherapy principles and essential oils for more than 20 years. In recent years the range has expanded to encompass an extraordinary offering of top to toe body solutions (from Zit Zappers to Roll on Muscle relief, body creams and massage oils) and beautifully scented oils , bath crystals and home scents too. I'm seriously impressed with the handy handbag-sized inhalers which range from HeadASniff for instant relief from headaches to StressSniff which helps you to relax in times of stress. You'll find their extensive and well-priced offerings online. You'll love the electric Scentstation - a stylish aromatherapy oil burner which scents your space beautifully. I Want A lifetime's supply of the Muscle Roll On Relief - it really, really works. AromaticApothecary
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