• I love this studio-that’s-a-shop at The Foundry – partly because owner, artist Andrew Breitenberg  stocks Muji pens and partly because the carefully curated displays make me feel calm and contemplative…like i’m in a library.

    It’s called Selah and it’s filled with works completed and under completion by Andrew, interesting prints, vintage paper ephemera that catch his eye and some truly beautiful bits and bobs you’ll want to own. Vintage bottles and paper goods vie for your attention with Washi tape and American Sharpies – the candy coloured koki pens that all US creatives swear by, notebooks you have to have or else and well…eye candy at every turn.

    I took a bunch of pix but then i saw the pix that Andrew sent to me and mine pale in comparison (and hence the reason he’s drressed in a vest in the middle of winter – they’re from a few months ago), so here goes…

    Be sure to pop into Selah at The Foundry in Woodstock (160 Albert Road) and give yourself some time – there’s a lot to drink in and enjoy.

    PS. Have you been to Typo yet? I’ve got a post on it coming up next…it’s a stationery lover’s paradise…

  • 9 Comments to “Selah”

    1. Janine on

      Banning you to barracks for this GORGE post….hyperventilating…over there soon soon…thanks;)

    2. Joanita on

      I’m making a trip to Cape Town to see this gem!

    3. Mandy on

      You had me at Muji…

    4. Yvonne on

      Looks like the kind of place I’d be very happy in 🙂 And yes I have been to Typo…like a dream, LOVE it!

    5. Jude from Jamtin on

      Heaven!! I want a draw filled with delicious stationery just like the one in your post!

    6. Andrew on

      Vicki! You are really encouraging – thanks for saying all that embarrassing stuff I feel awesome today…

    7. Vicki on

      Loving all the comments – Janine – i KNEW you would be the first to post on this and Andrew, it’s a pleasure, be prepared for an onslaught of I Want That readers!! V x

    8. Kathryn (Becoming you) on

      What a lovely place!! Def looks worth a visit – soon!

    9. Mandi on

      I have been here, and love every corner, nook of Andrews store.

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