• The Hemporium guys are a Cape Town based bunch who started their campaign to showcase hemp as a multifunctional  and useful product more than a decade ago. In that time their brand has grown enormously and they now stock more than 500 products in their range – from food items to cosmetics, clothing and most recently even building materials. They’re passionate about proving that hemp isn’t all about being ‘wear what you smoke folk’ but is a sustainable material with real planet-friendly credentials.

    I think their clothing hits the mark for urban warriors with their eye on being green. Their bags have always been a big seller thanks to the carefully conceived design that has slots for everything from credit cards to surf wax and Macgyver-style pen knives that slot in just so (while steering clear of being a naff man bag) – and the design means they fit both the work and play molds too.

    Hemporium planet-friendly products for the modern man
    Hemporium planet-friendly products for the modern man

    I really like their sneakers but for me, it’s their socks that rock! I buy Loverboy a couple of pairs every winter – they’re ultra soft, super warm and I love borrowing them for slouching around at home (they’ve got girlie ones too, but that kind of defeats the object for me).

    Visit their store at sustainable shopping hub 210 on Long and check out their edgy clothes and accessories (for girls and guys) as well as their extensive hemp-based body and health products. 210 Long Street, 021 0481 1853

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