• i managed to escape my deadlines for an hour on Friday to pop down the road to the first Blue Bird Garage Market here in Muizenberg. And i loved it. Kim and Dylan Speer have worked wonders with an old warehouse and it was transformed into a buzzing, happy market space with food vendors, clothing and crafter people and a lovely antique book stall where i bought an old lithograph of a bridge for The Captain.


    I chatted to Kim over the weekend and she was over the moon with the response – so many people came with their kids and to see friends and to hang out. I was so impressed with the market’s first run and i know that it’s going to go from strength to strength. It’s open every Friday from 3pm to 9pm and it’s situated in Albertyn Road just across from the railways booms.


    I’m toying with the idea of having a twice monthly little stall (in conversation with another blogger about it…will reveal all soon)…it might be nice to delve into a little market-ing.

    Happy day lovelies.

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    1. Carin on

      i popped in – was lovely and will definitely support and spread the good news

    2. Colleen on

      Oh how lovely. So nice to hear about more markets opening up in the area. I’ve been away so missed this one. Will have to make a plannetjie to get there soon. Thanx for the info. I’m assuming it would have to be on the lake side of the booms?

    3. Judith Brebner on

      Gorge pic of mr Dillon and his lovely wife, Kim! We were there, it was a fab evening, but as usual we spent far too much mula & might have to limit ourselves to a monthly or bi-monthly visit … wine, curry, aromatherapy goodies … & those russian sausages in your pic went down a treat with Meghan, as did 2 of the milk tarts! Kids play area great too – such a treat to leave her for an hour while we wandered around. Good luck guys!

    4. Li on

      what are those exciting little round things? they look like exciting little buttons

    5. Vicki Sleet on

      haha Li, they are lovely little earrings…V xx

    6. Kitch Kombuis on

      Sure to be the big social network event in Muizenberg. Children catered for in a big way, elegant flowers with roses that have ROSE SCENT! Food for foodies and goods for goodies. YAY !!! Well done!

    7. Alison White on

      What a lekker vibe! just what you need to unwind on a Friday afternoon………. what a clever idea. Beautiful french market as a meeting place for friends , kids and family. I really think this is going to be a very popular spot!!! well done Dyllan and Kimmy for your extraordinary vision and hard work~

    8. cat on

      mmmm love the tables with jugs of REAL FLOWERS <<< heaven!
      loved ever bit of this market …. and so did my children …. good memories and great community market … WELL DONE Kim, Dylan and Morne!

    9. Benita on

      honey is the market still happening? keen to check it out tomorrow. call me! x

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