• Hi lovelies, how are you doing? I’m so excited to introduce this lovely local brand to you -and i’m so glad i get to do it on Heritage Day. I really think these are the most gorgeous blankets imaginable. If you follow me on any of my channels (but especially my Instagram), you’ll know that i have a few weak spots, including rugs, cushions and blankets. The Captain literally rolls his eyes when i show him a new design i’ve got my eye on. But then i showed him the beauties from Love Jacaranda, he knew i had reason to be obsessed – oh, and i found him cuddled up and asleep underneath our Bauhaus Abstract Throw the other day, so i know he’s loving my new find too.

    Like cushions, I think blankets and throws really are such a great way to add a design detail to a couch or bed and that all important extra layer of loveliness – I also think you’ll love the seriously on trend colour ways and patterning Love Jacaranda have going on. Also – and this is really relevant to us at the moment, our house is freaking cold and although our garden is blooming – we’re not feeling warmed up by the change in seasons!

    This is the Bella Vita Nugget in Gold 

    Bella Vita Sultan

    Bella Vita Bauhaus Abstract Throw 

    Oh, what would say if i told you all of these blankets cost less than R600?!!

    My other amazing discovery on the Love Jacaranda site is that they are suppliers of traditional wool Basotho blankets – they are utterly beautiful and so warm and lovely and gorgeous…can you tell i love them? I think they are the most gorgeous gifts and a really special addition to any home. The Captain and i camped around Lesotho years ago and it’s been a regret of mine for ages that we didn’t buy a blanket from one of the local trading stores as a keepsake.

    This is the Victoria England – i had to get it obvs, given the name

    I absolutely love the history behind the Basotho  tradition of wool blanket wearing…

    In 1897 Queen Victoria visited the then Basutoland during her Jubilee year. She gave King Lerotholi Letsie a blanket as a gift. He draped the blanket, poncho-style, over his shoulders and so began the blanket wearing tradition. The blanket was named Victoria England. The Basotho people had a great love and respect for Queen Victoria and the Victoria England blanket has become a sought after status symbol.

    If you’re looking for a standout something to make a visual difference in your space – a Basotho blanket may just be what you’re looking for.

    I’m mad about this Seanamarena Chromatic Blanket

    Each and every Basotho blanket on the Love Jacaranda site has a unique patterning and story behind it – it feels like such a privilege to own a piece of African heritage.

    Like what you see? Use my code to bag yourself a 15% discount – simply enter IWANTTHAT on checkout and you’re good to go! The offer is valid until 30 September. Click here to browse and shop.

    Have a happy Heritage Day lovelies!

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    2. Mir on

      Beautiful designs and so reasonable!

    3. Lalannie Knoll on

      Such a refreshing collection of blankets. The Bella Vita Nugget in gold being my favorite.

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