• OK, so i am a Design Team stalker and have loads of their fabric in our home. Not only do the brains behind the brand Lise and Amanda celebrate the South African context to perfection, they’re super innovative too and have a range of clothing called Olka Polka available at Big Blue, a kids clothing and toy range called Silly Billy, a soft furnishings and small furniture range and lots of interesting smalls to catch your eye. Oh, and let’s not forget their wonderful wallpaper – which is both competitively priced and just so dang gorgeous to look at.

    The yellow fabric in the foreground is called Mrs Ples. inspired by South African leaders in the field of palaeoanthropology, I love that it’s a nod to the South African context but in such a global and on-trend way

    Now, for years we Capetonians have foamed at the mouth at the mention of the Design Team annual sale and though their new fabric launches made their way to us in Slaapstad, it just wasn’t the same not having them here.

    Check out those umbrellas!

    It’s been worth the wait though because the new showroom and retail space (yes you can buy their fabrics direct), manned by the super-stylish and knowledgable Zoë Brown is a gorgeous haven of inspiration in the East City precinct.

    So raise a glass to the Design Team girls – Cape Town welcomes you with open arms – I for one, can’t wait to start shopping.

    Click here to visit the Design team Facebook page and here to visit their site

    I’ll be posting a more in depth look into their new African Archive range later this week

    If you want to pop into their Cape Town store, go to 59 Harrington Street, tel 021 021 462 7707

  • 13 Comments to “Design Team’s new CT Digs”

    1. Janine on

      Welcome…and looking forward to it..

    2. Suz on

      Blown away by their beautiful fabrics!

    3. Samantha on

      Please can I have a little bit of everything…it’s so difficult to peg down a favourite!

    4. Andrea | Clever Bird on

      LOVE the protea wallpaper!

    5. Rose on

      We here at The Design Tabloid have for so long been big fans of the Design Team. I can see that the showroom is oozing with their creative flair and energy. Welcome to Cape Town one of SA’s leading fabric innovators.

    6. charlene on

      LOVE the umbrella’s and protea wallpaper! Welcome Design Team. xxx

    7. Michelle on

      you read my mind! Was just about to place an order – now I can buy direct…yay!

    8. RedCat on

      Yay, yay, yay! Can’t wait to pay them a visit!

    9. ashe on

      oh my hat have put this on the list for december visit! yeeha!

    10. Sam on

      We love your stunning and clever designs!!!!! Well done and welcome to Cape Town!

    11. cal on

      oh thank heavens they’re FINALLY here

    12. Sheryldene on

      Olka Polka is just the Best!!!!!!

    13. Lara on

      I clocked this when you wrote this and what I love about your site is that I can go back when I need to source what I’m looking for and there it is…going there tomorrow! Thanks.

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