• Ahem…now Santa last year i was really good and nice and all that stuff and so far this year i’ve been behaving myself too (i’ve even made my bed everyday which is quite a feat for me you know!)

    So i just wanna know…where is my Kitchenaid?!!


    It’s your downtime now so i thought i’d give you a little something to do…please have a chat with your mate St Valentine…in fact you don’t need to say anything…just show him the pic, tell him to go to the Yuppiechef site (there’s loads of other delicious kitchen gear if he’s stuck on gift ideas for other people) and voila, good deed done and you can chill till the 24th of December.

    Thanks Santa, you’re a pal!


    V x

  • 4 Comments to “Yo Santa”

    1. lentie on

      oooo lovely

    2. Jacci on

      the kitchenaid is my chosen v-day gift!
      i’m still deciding on the colour tho.
      please help me choose 🙂


    3. charlotte on

      Hope the Captain gets the hint. x

    4. Libby on

      What a wonderful addition to the kitchen! And have you seen the new Bodum toaster, electric tea kettles etc.? Great new colors!

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