• It was great to see what one of South Africa’s independent design success stories TinTown have been up to at the Design Indaba Expo and i can confirm they’ve been super busy. There were loads of new products on show…from wall mounted angel wings to table stands, candelabra (are those new? maybe not) and some pretties and smalls.

    Tintown1 love the cake stand

    Tintown2 luuurve the candleholders


    Nice work TinTown! Fabulous that so much of their work is flatpacked too which is great for retailers around and out of the country.

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    1. Lisa on

      Absolutely gorgeous and bursting with creativity!

    2. Taschja on

      Love it!

    3. fablefairy on

      yes! I bought some divine tin town goodies at the rhubabrb room sale!

    4. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      Love that little round table!

    5. Bernadine on

      Makes me jealous (in a good way) that some people are blessed with such creative genius that a simple design can work so well – I have none of that – only the ability to spot the already made product!

    6. kbd on

      LOVE the snowflake!

    7. Once upon a Time on

      Is that a headboard?? WOW!

    8. Rose McClement on

      You know the great pity about the expo is that due to the masses of people and the huge number of exhibitors, one misses out on treasures such as this. Thanks for highlighting this talent again. Hats off to these talented folk.

    9. Karen on

      I gotta go get me some!

    10. Megan on

      There designs are stunning! Really so clever. Love the angel wings!

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