• I Was in Sub B (grade 2) when Lady Diana married Prince Charles. I’ll never forget how our teacher brought a portable black and white TV to school so we could watch the day long production. Remember her train and how long it was?! I haven’t really paid much attention to William & Kate’s wedding but when i saw the latest Cath Kidston memorabilia and the Etsy items out there it really perked me up.

    Here are some of my I Want That’s. And i’m kicking myself for encouraging my mom to sell the commemorative mugs my Dad had collected over the years. He was British and had collected every single mug for every single coronation and royal wedding…would love to have those now to use as vases.



    particularly love this postcard


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    1. Rose McClement on

      These are gorgeous and the stunning thing about the wedding taking place in a time when crafting has made its way back into interiors, is that we are bound to see far more of this type of original crafted items – adding a unique flavour.

    2. Julie on

      LOVE CATH KIDSTON and dying to get my hands on the tea towel! And as for the Belle & Boo Parade tape we have it in stock! I know what you mean about telling parents to get rid of “old stuff”. Kicking myself now that I had my mom give away my gran’s old Blue Delt dinner service!

    3. Jane-Anne Hobbs on

      Great selection: what a nice change from all the tat I’ve seen online! I’m going to tweet this link today. Thanks for the comment on my blog. x

    4. Rosemary on

      LOL, I was in Std 1 when Charles and Diana got married. I actually got to stay at home that day – which was unheard of in our family if you weren’t hospitalized!
      Lovely memorabilia !

    5. Malcolm Glenn Weiss on

      I remember the day as well. I was in Standard 9. We also watched the wedding in class on small B@W TV’s. My mom went next door to watch the wedding on colour TV, we were too poor to afford one at that time. Remember how the images were frozen at times due to the ban by Equity of images and sounds transmitted to SA.
      It seems as if people outside the UK are more interested in this wedding than here in the UK. Most here seem cynical or indifferent , pleased only of having a public holiday on Friday. Since Monday the 2nd May is also a public holiday many plan a quick trip away to a sunnier climate.

      I am unsure what I will do on the day. Maybe may have a few friends together for a party , any excuse for one. Most friends are not royalists, will jeer rather than cheer, not because we don’t like the couple, purely because we dislike the splendid lifestyle royals have at tax-payers expense. So you guys enjoy the spectacle, here well be cynical thinking why we weren’t invited even though we’re paying for it.

    6. Gillian on

      I’ve already got my mug and dishtowel! I love that cushion, I want it!

    7. Michelle Petrie-Burton on

      We also watched the Charles and Di wedding at school. My gran in the UK sent me a first day issue stamp set which I still have, so I think I’ll order another set to commemorate this wedding.

    8. Once upon a Time on

      Fantastic! Love it, such gorgeous things. I just pinned plates 9 top designers were asked to design.


    9. Li on

      i want the heart scatter

    10. Mandy on

      Deeee-vine post Vix!

    11. Taschja on

      Oh, the wedding of Diana! I will forever remember that day! It was my eldest brothers birthday…he is younger than me.
      We couldn’t eat our food without watching the wedding!
      My father did a quick prayer and then the sound was up again…!
      We watched the hole day!
      There was no party that day, only the day after…it was also a Friday.
      This time round it’s on MY birthday! Whoohoo! I will not have a birthday party this year as I will be watching the wedding! LOL

    12. iwantthat on

      love all the wedding comments – Taschja have a royally happy birthday! Vx

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