• I had a little moment yesterday when i saw that Orla Kiely’s gorgeous ceramics are now available online. There’s a butter dish i’ve been coveting for ages and was thinking maybe i should spoil myself (i have a press trip to Europe potentially happening at the end of the month).

    ‘Brilliant – online shortcut’, i thought.

    Until i saw that Orla who so many of us in South Africa love…doesn’t love us. We don’t even feature on the drop down menu of countries to ship to!

    If i lived in Slovenia or Samoa then i could order but sadly…for now, it’s not an option.


    we can still drool though…i love the retro flavour of her patterns …


    Going off in a slouch to sulk now.

    Hang on…someone who has a real love of Orla Kiely is the always-fabulous Skinny la Minx whose Orla fabric range is named for the Irish designer and princess of pattern. Maybe i’ll order in some Orla fabric from Skinny to satisfy the craving…OK, petulant moment over..


  • 2 Comments to “Tea & Sympathy”

    1. Kirsty on

      Shoowee, that’s some cool crockery!

    2. Graeme on

      Did you see the digital radio that Orla Kiely had her hand in designing, it is so lovely and i want it.

      Check it out, no idea wher I could get it or how much it would costhttp://365daysof27.tumblr.com/post/1312743304/evoke-mio

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