• I popped into The Kitchen for a lemon square hit after a meeting the other day and i was lucky enough to see Karen, who owns this well-loved joint! She made me chuckle when she told me that each of the books she sells (remember i posted about her book here?) goes towards her home kitchen renovation fund. At the moment, she’s focusing on a tile splashback for her stove – a portrait from the V&A Museum in tile format.

    I was a little confused and then she explained, you can go onto this site called Surface View and order one of a gazillion images from botanical to architectural, textile and iconic in everything from window blinds to lampshades and tiles. Holy freaking mackerel that’s clever. Obviously we can get amazing wall stickers and bespoke wallpaper in SA and i’ pretty sure lampshades wouldn’t be difficult to source but tiles? How cool!  And these folks do it all online, just like that …here is a selection i made of tiles i spotted

     and here are some lampshades

    and here is a blind – rather an eyeful to have in one’s workspace but hey, each to his own

    Have a happy day lovelies! Off to the launch of Entrepo – an amazing lifestyle brand that i have been meaning to blog about for ages, if you haven’t visited their stores, you should. I’ll share all the info next week.

  • 4 Comments to “Surface View”

    1. Brenda Finch on

      oh wow!!!! cool lampshades are hard to come by !!

    2. zillah on

      Wow! Stunning

    3. Emma Longman on

      Love the lampshades! Want want want

    4. Nathalie Clarkson on

      Lampshades wouldn’t be too difficult to source but the ones you have in the photo are really lovely. I love the tiles, too!

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