• I have such a crush on Sukie products it’s ridiculous. I have one or two notebooks, a pack of stickers and notelets but there’s no ways i could ever bring myself to use them…no way hosay…they’re just to purdy…


    Last night i was looking at my dog eared ring bound notepad i use for everyday scribbling, i realised i was in need of a dose of stationery beauteousness…and boy did i find it. If you consider yourself a Type A stationery you-know-what, be sure to check out the Sukie site

    You’ll find notebooks like this


    Sticker sets like this

    Sukie collage

    And cosmetics bags like this


    Cotton book bags like this


    And joy of joys…tea towels like this…deelicious!


    … we all know..you can never have too many gorgeous tea towels!

    Happy weekend lovely people…

  • 3 Comments to “7 reasons to love Sukie”

    1. lou on

      woot! sukie rocks! i came across sukie on amazon and fell in love with their stickers. so darn cute. all of them!

    2. Brenda Wardall on

      Love this stuff – especially the bright ideas notebook – now there is something to inspire!

    3. Chloe Buckland - Williams on

      They do amazing packs of gift bags, tags ans stickers, find it hard to give away a Sukie gift wrapped gift!

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