• This is why i love the net.

    A comment left by Kirstey of South of the Sahara blog the other day mentioned that the gorgeous print of a curiosities cabinet find was actually by Suzanne of Sakura Snow who is a South African living overseas.

    I had a closer look at the Sakura Etsy shop and can confirm its filled with stuff i want and want and want, look how fabulous her prints are…


    love her styling of her shots with the laboratory vessels


    i’d love some of these framed and placed just so over an old pharmacists cabinet in my bathroom…

  • 4 Comments to “Sakura Snow”

    1. Rose Mcclement on

      oh so fabulous. well done.

    2. DINKI DILKS on

      Her turtle in the bottle is just too real

    3. Kim on

      Damn your blog Vix… it is such a distraction! Love these, thank you for sharing. x

    4. kbd on

      Glad to be of help! Suzanne’s work is always awesome… totally my tastes. I want to buy these and hang them in my bathroom!

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