• i spotted these this morning, aren’t they lovely?



    i saw similar ones at Loads of Living a while ago and if you wanted to make them yourself, i know those of you who live in Durban can buy giant sacks of rice at the markets there, Capetonians maybe Atlas Trading in Wale Street – any suggestions for Joburg readers?

    PS. i found the images here

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  • 5 Comments to “Sack it to me”

    1. Bernadine on

      Hi – I have found this site with similar fabrics. It is from abroad but they seem to ship worldwide. Gorgeous!


    2. iwantthat on

      Delicious – thanks Bernadine, great site! V x

    3. Li on

      i’m loving them sick!

    4. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      i want those mirrors too!!!

    5. renee r on

      yes yes yes
      i like this
      i like like like

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