• in amongst all the chaos of dress fittings and ring sizings and organising nails and flowers and all that other weddingy stuff last week, we had a shoot at our house (sucker for punishment i know!) Two days before said shoot i realised ‘YIKES, we have no mirrors in our bathroom’, so off i sped to Quirky Me to borrow a mirror for the shoot’…


    While i was there i spotted a gazillion other beautiful must haves…the owner Ingrid has a great eye and i love how her stuff is such a good match for Michelle who owns Abode and with whom she shares the shop space.

    Couldn't resist buying a tower of Babushka mugs!

    Want to know what the Quirky Me mirrors look like? Check out the catalogue page here – aren’t they amazing?!

    Quirky Me is at the Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Salt River

  • 8 Comments to “Quirky Me”

    1. Li on


    2. Kim Stephen on

      Just love that store….and I only discovered it recently too

    3. Bridget Richardson on

      Really divine stuff – can’t wait to go. Love the Blog comment – right middle pic – I am sure it wasn’t aimed at you Vix!

    4. Leigh-Ann on

      I love that shop…. I am coveting a first aid box from there… top of my list for pay day!!

    5. Once upon a Time on

      Love it! They always have such fab stuff.
      LOL @ the blog comment.

    6. Taschja on

      Pheeew! You can get lost in that shop! Such nice stuff!

    7. Jacci on

      this shop is always a winner, and you never ever walk out empty handed!

    8. Rox on

      OMG- How did you now buy everything!

      Where are they situated?

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