• Guys, I was on FB recently and someone posted this cute video about an entrepreneur-slash-stationery-fanatic, Caroline Weaver, who has a pencil boutique in New York. CW Pencil Enterprise is located in NYC’s Lower East Side (my favourite part of the city) and specialises in pencils from around the world, some coming it at over $250 for one scribbler. There are also accessories, notebooks, erasers (obvs), pencil bags and holders, amazing sharpeners, books… But back to the pencils. This is a selection that will satisfy any pencil fetishist: classic graphite, scented, rainbow, bi-colour, vintage (yes, she’s sourced vintage pencils), jumbo, coloured, fluorescent, metallic and novelty pencils abound, sourced everywhere from Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany to Japan and India. Honestly, it’s doodle heaven and you can order online if you’re not planning a little NYC sojourn anytime soon. People commonly mention the shop smells of pencils – do you also love that smell? I can sharpen pencils for days just to get a hit of that woody, graphite, warm scent. Wouldn’t be surprised really if Caroline releases a fragrance next… Oh, and how amazing and desirable is her pencil box quarterly subscription? Thirty dollars (at the moment) will get you at least three pencils, an accessory, a wildcard item (notebook, more pencils or accessories), branded ephemera such as badges and patches, and anything else that she’s excited about. Check our Caroline’s blog and browse the store at your peril… You WILL want to place an order and sate your stationery cravings. Personally I love pencils over pens, and it makes me infinitely happy that there’s a place that celebrates writing and writing instruments, especially in this day and age where the squeaky scritch-scritch of pencil on paper has been replaced by tapping and pings and voice notes. Long live the pencil.

    Images from CW Pencil Enterprise 

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    1. nicola harris on

      That was so unfair!! Beautiful.

    2. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      How absolutely delightful! Thank you:))

    3. Sally on

      Personalised pencils (by Cape Town’s own Love Letters Stationery & Gifts) were my kids’ all-time favourite Christmas stocking gifts last year. So happy to be indoctrinating another generation of stationery sluts!

    4. Petro on


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