• This is what i’m currently dealing with …yip, it’s a little tricky..problem is i have a lot of stuff that i need to get my paws on quickly…and then there’s a whole lotta other stuff that i just need..i do, i really do

    In my ideal office space, i’d have office furniture in the form of Liam Mooney’s A Charming Tressel (sic) Table. Mr Mooney is a very talented Cape Town designer who is doing fabulous things for our homes by designing quirky pieces that straddle contemporary and classic style perfectly. Here’s my wishlist of the things i’d have in my quest for an orderly office arena…
    Working clockwise from the top right…
    The Steelwood chair by the Bourillec brothers for Magis (available from ID Solutions) is my idea of heaven in a chair…such lovely lines
    My magazines now number close to a thousand and i struggle to keep control of the latest ones – these cardboard organisers could be for the mags i’m looking at for the month, try Merrypak for similar holders
    While i lurve Plastics for Africa (as in luuurve) for their massive variety of plastic containers i haven’t been very good at keeping things uniform -these zinc boxes are from Muji but i’m going to scout the hardware stores this week to look for similar ones
    I currently work on a 22-inch iMac which i love but she’s getting really slow and i also have a really old iBook which only works if its plugged into a power source…methinks i should retire both, trade them in and put in the difference for a new MacBook Pro from Digicape
    I love lists, love-love-love-can’t-operate-without-lists and in my mind nothing makes a list as lovely than a Staedtler fineliner (the only sad thing is that the yellows never get used…i have so many yellows with lovely new tips that will never get to write a To Do list 🙁 -these packs are available at Hyperamas and you can also find them at The Deckle Edge
    The Change the Thought‘We not Me’ poster has been on my wishlist for ages and when i showed it to Loverboy for our new home he looked at me blankly…so….it’s perfect for my office to remind me to get out of my me-space
    And the An Arc Lamp by Liam Mooney would be a perfect light source for those late nights working in my new office tra la la
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