• Hi lovelies! The absolute perfect mail arrived in my inbox the other day – asking whether i’d like to get involved in a #PerfectExcuse blogger campaign showcasing my favourite finds from various stores at Cavendish Square. Since it was my birthday on Tuesday, what better perfect excuse could there be than to head to Cav for some retail therapy?!

    I’ve been shopping at Cavendish since i was tiny. Since the lower ground floor had a huge fountain complete with brown glass mosaic tiles and fancy coloured underwater lights – oooh, i loved those lights! Cavendish was the first mall in Cape Town to open late once a week (on a Thursday) and Christmas Eve wasn’t the same without heading to Cavendish with my Dad to buy my Mom’s Christmas gift from us kids from Garlicks, the department store that was synonymous with this southern suburbs landmark way back when in the eighties. In my teens, my friend Melissa lived up the road from Cavendish and we went there many many Saturday mornings and trawled the mall flat (anyone here remember Peckers?) I bought my first pair of Levi’s in Cavendish (Stuttafords was the first store in South Africa to stock them) and one of my first jobs paying for my final year of varsity was waitressing at a restaurant there.

    With my mission in mind, i spent some time trawling one of my favourite Cape Town malls – all in the name of sharing some of my favourite finds with you. And now i have a birthday lust list to share…



    If you haven’t heard about L’Occitane Divine Extract, let me explain…this might well be one of the most advanced anti-ageing collections on the planet. True to the L’Occitane focus on the floral kingdom and its healing properties, the Divine collection features a serum, face cream and eye cream that act on a cellular level.Since i am feeling like my skin looks like i am 70 years old at the moment, i cannot explain enough just how much i want this – the serum in particular!



    I wanted to share this shot of L’Occitane’s hand creams since they are such a wonderful indulgence for just R145. They’re so highly rated that one original Shea Butter Handcream is sold every second around the world!


    One of my birthday spoils stops was at Inglot…i’ve bought loads from them in the past – from lipsticks (love the formulation) to mascara and eye shadows (they have a huge range). But on Tuesday i was on the brow beat – since my stepdaughter Sarah has been sharing her brow filling-in tips, i thought it was high time i had a tutorial!


    The lovely Kim helped teach me some ways of the brow and i left with a new pencil in hand as well as a tester pot of their foundation which i am definitely going back to buy – it’s super silky and dewy, i really like it and it’s under R400 which is a good price!



    Now, i’m not sure if you know about the purses from Fossil but i thought i should share with you – they are AMAZING!! The styles change often and i love that they have a variety of size options and often with contrasting leather on the inside.


    A friend of mine has started working at Queenspark and has been sending me the occasional image of a really hot must have for the season so i thought i’d stop in and see what they’ve got at the moment. I spotted this quilted jacket and i love it!



    My next visit was to Kay’s Antiques and after browsing their glittering cabinets of antique and replica jewellery, i spotted this beauty. It has the most amazing old-fashioned setting which i love but what i really love about it is the sentiment. You see, back in the day, people would give one another jewellery with meaning (flowers too) and this particular ring is brimming with meaning since it spells out the word ‘Dearest’. it’s a love token like no other – D for Diamond, E for Emerald, A for Amethyst, R for Ruby, E for Emerald, S for Sapphire and T for Topaz – i LOVE it!!!



    My last stop before heading for birthday lunch with a bestie was to Exclusive Books for this book which i have heard so much about. It involves an 8-week plan to living a healthier life and along with amazing advice it has some delicious recipes which i’m looking forward to trying.


    Stay tuned to the I Want That Facebook page my lovelies! I’ve got a Cavendish Square voucher to give to one lucky reader a little later today!

  • 5 Comments to “My Cavendish Square Lust List”

    1. Lois Wessels on

      Awesome finds – the quilted jacket is on my bucket list as well as the beautiful ring

    2. Yumnah on

      I love Cavendish! Such beautiful finds here Vicki <3

    3. Colleen on

      Love the ring – sure your mom in law has one!

    4. Mandy on

      Ha, loved this post. We used to come aaaaallll the way in from Somerset West to shop there and it was the most exciting thing in the world. As for those Pepper Sauce or Hawaiian burgers and bubblegum shakes at Peckers… Drooling now. Fun fact: I fell into that fountain once 🙂

    5. Yvonne on

      Love the ring and I think I also need some of that serum! Happy Birthday for Tuesday!

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