• Morning all. This post was inspired by Vicki’s house renovation that’s currently in full swing. Obvs it’s going to be amazing because Vicki is one of the most effortlessly stylish and creative people that I know. She’s also the opposite of me in that she’s very clever and thoughtful and considered in her approach to decorating. I’m more of a chuck-it-all-together-and-hope-for-the-best sort of gal. Basically I want to be like Vicki when I grow up. Like she mentioned in that cute video introducing the new house and her ideas for the spaces, the look here is going to be cleaner and with less colour that the current home she shares with the Captain and their four children, but of course with the warmth and character that is reflective of Vix’s creative, laid-back character. While we can all turn to Pinterest and blogs and magazines to find inspiration for our spaces, there’s nothing like a good old hardcover interior design book. The content in this selection of new and newish books is (I think) perfectly suited to the more pared-down mood that Vix is after.

    The Book List 

    Niki Brantmark is the blogger behind the divine My Scandinavian Home which features amazing Scandi/Nordic spaces. We love her and can’t wait for this book, which will be out in April.

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    I have this one and it’s gorgeous. Basically what the title says… The author peers into over 30 spaces (home and retail) belonging to creative and stylish lifestyle retailers. Filled to the rafters with inspiration, if you only buy one interior book this year make it The Shopkeeper’s Home.

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    I’ve always liked a spot or three of grey in my interiors and since we painted our house a warm fynbos grey and one of our interior walls a deep outer space black/grey I’ve become an even bigger fan. This sophisticated book will show you all of the potential of using this versatile and modern colour.

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    Because the look Vix is going for is so synonymous with far Northern spaces it makes sense to immerse oneself in Scandi style, and this book beautifully reveals that magic formula that gets it so right.

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    This is another one that’s on my shelf and gets pawed through fairly often. As a boho colourist maximalist sort of person, I instinctively used to associate monochrome homes with being formal and uninviting and devoid of character… Wrong! The homes in this beautiful-to-look-at book are totally inspiring, full of personality and, so important to me, massively liveable.

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    Over 40 spaces around the world are featured in this book published by the cult hipster magazine of the same name, focusing on the typical Kinfolk aesthetic with slow living at its heart: reductive and carefully (sometimes painfully so) considered design and carefully edited simplicity. It’s a style that’s way too austere for me but on the flip side, there’s lots of take-home inspiration that can be adapted to your space and the way you like to live. Which is how we should approach any sort of design advice, really… Make it your own.

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    No matter the style of your interior there’s always room for elements drawn from and inspired by nature. Selina Lake is a brilliant stylist and this is probably her gazillionth book which I love (a recent me-to-me present). Expect lots of fresh ideas with vintage and contemporary influences plus how-tos and DIY inspiration.

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      Oh my hat – how dreamy! Especially the Shopkeeper’s one … #want #want #want

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      Great solutions – thank you

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