• Thanks to Oh Joy (a lovely design blog indeed) i discovered yet another inspirational online space.

    Have you met Miss Jones describes themselves as ‘lifestyle company dedicated to providing contemporary designs for the interior’.

    I would describe them as thus: ‘Have you met Miss Jones is a deliciously dangerous place where if you like ceramics, beautiful things and quirky items of beauty, you’ll be in a heavenly, happy I Want That state.


    these vases below make me feel slightly uncomfortable (not sure what that’s about) but i can appreciate their beauty


    i love the bunnies…shew, there were loads of bunnies at Kamers this year – i wonder if they’ll have the same longevity as birds?


    Wise old owl, i’d love to make a nest for you in my home


    The combination of old wood and bright white ceramics is beautiful – the workshop paraphernalia and printer’s tray goodies are totally cool too. Has anyone else noticed how many printer’s trays there are around lately? Another thing i’m kicking myself for having chucked out a million years ago…

  • 3 Comments to “Miss Jones”

    1. Leigh-Ann on

      that just makes me smile… love, love, love!

    2. Vanessa on

      Love the Ginger Jars – looks like a seaweed motif. Gorgeous.

    3. Rosemary on

      I agree with Leigh Ann – it makes me smile to look at these.

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