• You may have noticed pods are popping up all over the show lately. They’ve been on the international scene for a while now – offering an instant solution for creating an outdoor escape, dealing with enthusiastic in-laws who love visiting and putting a roof over your head while working from home.


    A pod is such a fab idea if you’re lucky enough to find a space in nature to call your own. Their impact on the environment is minimal and you can literally place them in the mountain, forest or if you’re really lucky close to water.


    zen kaya This one’s the Zen Kaya, designed by South African-based architect Eric Bigot. Imagine plopping it in the middle of nowhere, waking up with the rising sun and spending the day lolling about in the wild, maybe breaking for an afternoon G & T?


    I recently wrote about another South African solution to small space living in the March issue of House and Leisure Magazine. Designed by Wolf and Melanie, the My First Home concept home can be erected in just a few weeks and can be customised according to your specific needs. Wolf and Mel use theirs as an office space and spare room and it’s just across the garden from their home in Onrus.


    I fantasise about popping a bespoke prefab pad into our back garden, creating a stylish work studio and spending my days type-type-typing away in my very sexy space.

    Mmm…until then though, the spare room will have to do 😉

  • 2 Comments to “Living in Boxes”

    1. lou on

      wow. i heard about small places before but not such stylish ones. i mean.. i don’t want to live in such a small place everyday but as a getaway it totally makes perfect sense. and they look so cozy! thank you for sharing this. love it.

    2. engela du toit on

      ‘been looking at zen kaya to go on piece of land in tanqua karoo – ABSA did not agree

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