• in my head i already have the place where i’m going to pop my soon-to-be-bought Lisa Firer vase in our new house.


    i’ll fill it with fresh blooms from my favourite flower seller and will marvel at the incredible porcelain delicateness and the amount of effort it must take Lisa to get her creations just so…i think she is one of the city’s most extraordinary ceramists and what’s even nicer…she’s a lovely person too…i think you can feel that in her pretty pieces…


    You can find these vases at shops like Marigold and Maya Prass and to see what other work lovely Lisa has made, check out her site.

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    1. Bev on

      I once bough a light container – all in white with pressed words of love for a 21st present. I found it really hard to wrap and give away. These are so beautiful…..

    2. iwantthat on

      i know the feeling Bev – a couple of years ago i had a vase made with a poem on it – gave it to The Captain for Valentine’s Day who looked at me quizzically then gave it straight back to me saying “happy v day babe” – perfect result! V xx

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