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    A friend who loves Liesel’s ceramics just as much as I do told me that she had just released a new range of tea towels so off i toddled to her gorgeous store in Observatory to check them out…


    And i absolutely agree, her bokkie tea towels are absolutely delicious and full of i want that appeal.

    …then, i had a look around and started to feel ill at just how many delicious things there were to buy and look at and potentially have and hold…shew, it was exhausting and exhilarating stuff (yip, that’s what happens when you have a ceramics fetish…).

    Here are some of the pretties that caught my eye…


    and these …


    Liesel designs her own transfers which she then has made up to be fired on to her (own design and cast) mugs, bowls, cups, salt and pepper cellars, vases, plates…you get the (pretty) picture…


    these are killing me softly, especially the new, bold patterned floral direction Liesel’s taken..wowee, i am in love!

    Liesel is in furious production at the moment for Kamersvol Geskenke…another of the outstanding local talents who’ll be exhibiting their latest designs at the country’s most cutting edge creative  gifting and craft show. To see what its all about, click here

    You’ll find Liesel’s fantastic little shop in Observatory: 114 Lower Main Road go to her site for contact details

    Happy weekend people

    oh, hang on a sec…

    … now for the last time i am going to ask you lovely readers (thank goodness coz’ i tell you all this asking for votes has been exhausting!!)

    Voting  in the SA Blog Awards closes today!!

    Do you like what you see on I Want That?

    If so, please consider casting your vote for moi…if you click on the button on the top right hand side of this home page it’ll take you straight to a pre-loaded voting page (scroll down about 3/4 of the way and you’ll see I Want That in the Havana Club Rum Best Design category…

    From there its a three part process: insert your email address, then the code and verify the mail that comes to you and voila its done!!

    If you’ve voted…you’re a GEM and thank you very, very much – you’re allowed to vote more than once so if you can vote again please do!

  • 3 Comments to “Liesel’s new Lovelies”

    1. Leigh-Ann on

      Oh my hat…. how could you do this to me…. thinking of skipping work and skipping on down to her shop…. but it is all too much! Just looking makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy… I definately want that and that and that! (have voted every day bok!) holding thumbs x

    2. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      Vote cast…holding thumbs!

    3. Jacci on

      the new stuff is amazing!
      hope to see it at the neighbourgoodsmarket tomorrow.

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