• With winter coming, a trip to the haberdashery might be on the cards. You may be a beginner or advanced, but either way you can’t help but smile and be inspired by the wonderful work of English crochet artist Kate Jenkins. Seriously, the woman is a Jedi-level Crochet Master, her collectible art pieces infused with whimsy and huge doses of humour and a strong undercurrent of Cool Britannia. I fancy several of her works big time, particularly from her Kate’s Cafe exhibition. In 2009, Kate transformed a London gallery into a ‘fully blown crochet café, complete with everything from the English Fried Breakfast, iconic tea bags, sauces and jams to crocheted champagne and caviar’. She is busy with a new follow-up project, ‘Kate’s Plaice’: a fish shop with a difference. The exhibition will take place at Alexandra Palace in London in October this year and you can see her progress on her blogCardigan is her online shop, where you can find Kate’s cushions, gifts and fashion items. So glad I discovered her.  18

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    An extra treat: two works in progress from Kate’s Plaice, a new exhibit due to show in October this year.
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    1. Karen on

      Amazing! Want to rush out and buy some wool IMMEDIATELY.

    2. jane on

      Oh this is hysterical and perfectly delightful.

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