• HI lovelies! I hope you’re well! Are you in the same place as me? I’ve been frantically trying to sort out as much Christmas shopping as i can online while trying to sort out our home before the December madness descends. Sod’s law, i’ve been talking about changing up our patio all year and i finally get my A into G three weeks before the holidays begin!  I’ve ordered a bunch of new cushions, i have my eye on a beautiful new coffee table and i dyed our outside cushions – AND IT WAS A COMPLETE DISASTER!! Plonker over here didn’t factor in that the outside covers were a poly-cotton blend which means they took up about 5% of the colour i wanted them to be (light grey) so now they just look dirty. I now have three weeks to find fabric and get them recovered! On top of a bunch of deadlines and work chaos, just breeaaaathe!

    Of course when panic prevails, i go into a rabbit hole (the internet) and don’t look up. Currently i’m planning my summer Stanford wardrobe where in my mind’s eye i’ll be collecting fresh herbs and veggies from the garden while listening to the sweet tones of my children as they play. OK, more realistically i’ll probably be shouting at them that they can’t have Oreos for breakfast and for the love of G*d can they just please be nice to each other. Sigh. Anyway – in my mind’s eye, there is a LOT from local online emporium Woven Green that could make me feel like an Instagram-worthy Mom and a better person in general. Their products are ethically sourced and the focus is on handmade and natural fibres for your wardrobe and your home – which means they stock exquisite throws, rugs and table linens (killing me!), beautiful natural fibre bags (so on trend, people!) AND my favourite favourite – the most gorgeous linen shirts that will only get better with time. Take a look and drool with me…

    Linen and wool – they’re lifelong buys and the tablecloths and sheepskins from Woven Green really are timeless buys. The tablecloths come in sizes up to a 10-seater table too.

    These napkins are on my Xmas wishlist, i absolutely love them

    Trust me on this – you need a natural fibre bag for this summer and the next few too. I have my eye on the middle one of this trio – it’s called the Gemma bag and it’s a gem all right. Here is the link to all of their bags and baskets. Can you see yourself on a beach in Greece with one of these next summer?

    Fancy a home update that’s quick and painless and delivered to your door? You need a velvet cushion my friend. Click here to shop the selection (well priced too for velvet – i’ve been looking around)

    This baby is killing the Boho look – dead!

    I’ve saved my best for last because i really really love the linen clothes that Woven Green stock – beaut colours and even lovelier cuts. these are just a snapshot of their own-design ‘dressed down luxury’ choices – take a look over here for more

    Classic Shirt Dress anyone? Whether for work or play – this is an all day number – and it’s under R1000

    So pretttttttty

    Also, i think i found the perfect linen shirt in the perfect colour – love it!

    Hope you like!! V xx

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Awesome – thank you!

    2. Yvonne on


    3. Kim Richter on

      Stunning, stunning, stunning, thanks for pointing me to this lovely new brand.

    4. Yasmn on

      I am drooling…

    5. Ingrid Fortuin on

      dress shirts my favourites! linens are timeless!

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