• If you went to the Design Indaba Expo you would probably have seen the Ikhaya stand – when i got to them i became one of those gushy shrieky types.

    I love their products, the humour that’s imbued in them and have coveted a lady person for a while.And don’t even get me started on the wooden lamp shades.


    loved their stand. loved, loved their stand.


    And now my very own Ikhaya lady (her name is Jill by the way) fits right in on top of my grocery cupboard with the rest of the menagerie. Happy Days.

    PS. Check out Ikhaya’s blog with info on their products and the things that make them tick here

  • 5 Comments to “Ikhaya”

    1. Lisa on

      I saw these at a shop in JHB – Parkhurst – love, love, love!!

    2. Taschja on

      Not for me, but to each his own.

    3. Jacci on

      i was a gusher and a shrieker too!
      i want an entire family, but i’m starting with fi – the girl with pigtails 🙂

    4. Genevieve on

      such a clever lot aren’t they! 🙂

    5. Li on

      hooray for ornaments that can’t get smashed!

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