• Good morning lovelies! My Captain is home, i couldn’t be happier. We had sushi and Champagne to celebrate last night and Charley showed off her amazing crawling skills for her Dad when he walked in the door – too cute.

    My collection of pretties for Charley Bird’s wall is getting bigger and bigger and now that i’ve been reminded about these lovelies from Kim Longhurst (her brand is The Painted Blackbird), well, now i want these!

    BEAR+LOVE BUNNY+LOVE Fox+Love FRENCH+LOVE Gull+Love Octopi+Love OWL+LOVE Polar+Love Puffin+Love Reindeer+Love SWAN+LOVE Tundra+Love Whale+Love

    Vamp stocks some of her prints –

    I’ve sent her a mail to find out prices and how many she has left in stock. I’ll post the info here.

  • 9 Comments to “I Want Some of These”

    1. Li on

      I want them all! Bathroom getting painted today which gives me the perfect excuse to get some!

    2. ursula @urkila on

      Would love the bear one seeing as my name means little girl bear! Will have a look out for pricelist. Whats the sizes?

    3. Rose McClement on

      Love the Rabbit, but for some reason the Octopus stole my heart – maybe it is his ‘ woe is me’ look about him.

    4. Nicola on

      “Bears really care about you” – I’m ashamed to admit I remember the advert but that’s HILARIOUS!

    5. Di Thomson on

      I love them all – how to choose!

    6. Lisa on

      Love, love, love!!!

    7. Kim on

      Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. x

    8. Vicki on

      Nicola, that one CRACKED me up too!

    9. Kim Longhurst on

      Thank you so much Lovelies!

      These are archival quality prints, 248.5 x 205 mm on Innova paper, a nice thick stock.

      They look great in a box frame, white or lovely indigenous wood.

      I will let you know costs for unframed and framed asap, just waiting for 2015 prices from suppliers.


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