• I first found out about Skandinavisk candles at a local decor store – the owner had one on his desk and mentioned he was looking into importing them. As with soaps, candles are something of an obsession and i try to burn one or more at home as often as possible. I just find it’s hard to find candles that hold their scent and if they do, ones that aren’t overly scented, because that can be offputting too.

    These candles are designed to embody the scents of Scandinavia – from woody forests to salty oceans, the smell of snow (yes really), cosiness and home. All i know is i’m smitten. Maybe it’s the packaging (ok, it’s definitely the packaging), maybe it’s that whole Scandinavian thing where candles are very much a part of evoking a mood at home, maybe it’s because i want to surround myself with beautiful scents day and night – all i know is i WANT, WANT, WANT.



    The Koto scent is getting lots of interest on the web at the moment – it ties into the whole Scandi mono look perfectly







  • 6 Comments to “I Want a Skandinavisk Candle”

    1. hannah on

      But have you seen these lovely african city versions?


    2. Mb on

      Are they available in cape town??

    3. ansie botes on

      love it

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So unique

    5. rob on

      I’m sold. Where can we find it?

    6. iwantthat on

      I’ll let you know as soon as the decor store i visited has them Rob.

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