• i love the raw texture of these hanging pendants and standing lampshades made by Muizenberg-based company I Felt Like It. What’s also great is that they look lovely in the day…



    and even lovelier at night…


    Prices start from R350…have a look at their site for more enlightening (he he..i couldn’t resist!)information

  • 3 Comments to “I Felt Like It”

    1. cat on

      oh me oh my …. I do love this …. so organic .. i would love to see this in a window display

    2. Ann on

      These are absolutely lovely. We have one in our bedroom, and it looks like a beautiful moon above our bed – very natural and soft light.

    3. Michelle J Flynn on

      oooooooh i feel a definate trip to muizenberg coming on… new home needs new style lighting! i’ve been so over the white plastic circular designs that are now everywhere so this lil post just made my day

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