• I haven’t checked in on Cath Kidston for a while now, and I’m oh so happy that I did. She really is amazing, able to come up with new collections that are fresh, different and yet still so ‘Cath’. There are a couple of new prints up on the website that I really, really, really like, but the newest one that I am besotted with is Clouds. The pattern, the colour, the detailing, the wide range of products from fashion to homeware that it bedecks… All of it just speaks to me. She’s so good at doing whimsical without being childish. And really, why shouldn’t grown-ups wear cute, characterful, colourful prints. I also love the bright flashes of the range’s complementary print: a cheerful yellow that brings to mind the sun breaking through the clouds. Well played Cath. You’re still the queen of the print.
    * PS: I would do just about anything for a pair of those sneakers!

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  • 4 Comments to “Head In The Clouds”

    1. Lisa on

      Awwwww I miss my London Gola days … #want #want

    2. Cathi on

      Oh my hat Vicki this new range of hers is fabulous!! #cathkidstonLOVE

    3. Kim on

      How is that sunshiney plate? Just love it. More ideas for my future home (and the girls’ rooms…).

    4. Donyale on

      I LOVE cloud patterns too <3

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