• I recently came across the work of American born but living-and-working-in-the-Netherlands surface designer Ellie Cashman, and I’m marginally obsessed. I love fabrics and wallpapers covered in blooms, florals, posies and petals, but they do sometimes get a bit same-same and too pretty. Not so Ellie’s work. My first thought when I saw her seriously dramatic, oversized florals took my mind to the Golden Age of Dutch painting in the 17th century, a period I love. The depictions of flowers, in particular: slightly dark, decaying around the edges, rich, heavy… If I had the dosh I’d most definitely be putting in an order for a few bolts of fabric, cushions and those gorgeous digitally printed diaphanous curtains!

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    1. Rose on

      Oh – I could personally do these over-sized florals. And I would love to be able to apply into a project, but not everyone buys into it. Pity.

    2. Nicci Giles on


    3. iwantthat on

      These are beaut Mands!

    4. Cathi on

      Gorgeous and dramatic!!

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