• it’s the shmaltziest, soppiest day of the year.

    This year The Captain and i have decided to forego gifts and write letters instead which we’ll give to each other later (he’ll kill me that i’m exposing him as a cootchy coo romantic). That doesn’t mean i haven’t had a look at all the love-ly things there are around – thankfully love is an all-year round emotion and hearts look good in many a format – plus you don’t need a Valentine to add some love into your life.

    Here are some things that make my heart go boom…


    Liesel Trautmann porcelain does it for me in a big way


    handwritten notes on hearty paper and cards make every occasion heartfelt. These are from Love Letters, one of my favourite local bespoke stationery producers.


    my red Chloe Essery heart is my talisman and i wear it every single day. I have my eye on that Moroccan inspired pendant (middle pic) and hope she’s going to be at the Design Indaba Expo next week.


    you probably know my feelings about these Le Creuset products…i wrote The Captain a love letter about the pink one last year (see here) and i am having a moment over the new Cassis cocotte, it’s tres beautiful no? Buy them here and have them delivered to your loved one’s (or your) door.


    would love to have a hearty party purely so i could hang up this paper garland – pretty enough  to stay up all year long. I found it here.


    the Love sticker from My Wall Tattoos was the first one i ever saw and i still love it a lot – so simple, strong and well meaning


    and who’s to say you shouldn’t be making i-love-you-madly-badly-gladly cards every day of the year? I can’t for the life of me remember where i found the cards above but the fabulous stamp set is by one of my favourite favourite stationery and paper products producers

    Happy V Day peeps! V x

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    1. Genevieve on

      gorgeous collection x

    2. Lisa on

      Love is def in the air after seeing all these goodies!!

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