• i love the aesthetic that so many Dutch designers use to such great effect. There’s a folksy quirk and a freshness that i find so appealing…at Studio Ditte they celebrate colour, craft and detailing beautifully in their unique creations


    Like these plate and button wallpapers…how pretty are those? And their laser cut felt rug and the piggy cushion get my vote too…


    who could resist the ribbon wallpaper…and mirrors cut into shapes are always a win in my books!

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    1. lou on

      i love the felt animals and the rug are my favorites. and i just saw a fantastic storage rack on their site. you’re right. dutch design is very unique.

    2. Tommy Basillica on

      I totally agree with you! Having lived in the Netherlands for four years, Dutch design feels like home! The Dutch really know how to use their limited space to make their houses feel both trendy and cozy. And they are proud of it – you won’t see any closed curtains when walking past a Dutch house at night! http://tip2top.co.za

    3. Li on

      kick-ass cool!

    4. Anelde on

      Ribbon wallpaper = awesomeness.
      I want it now.

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