• About 12 years ago i spent a few months backpacking in Central America and one of the highlights was the time i spent in Mexico – chilling in hammocks, visiting ruins, watching the sun set while lounging on the beach ice cold cerveza’s in hand...you get the slothful-not-a-care-in-the-world picture.

    One of my regrets now is that back then i had no clue who Frida Kahlo was and so sadly failed to pick up any mementoes with her face and the trademark colourful-kitsch style that has become so synonymous with her …that’s why i love going to the Hadeda Mexican store because i can indulge in all those Mexican fantasies that had no bearing on my backpacking reality back then…

    These beauties popped into my inbox the other day …


    i’d love to pop the cushions onto a navy blue buttoned velvet couch (priced from R225).

    Picture 8

    And these pretties are perfect for a mojito-fuelled party with platters of quesadillas, tacos and guacomole…loving the skulls and roses number (aprons = R250)

    visit Hadeda at

    151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg  011 788 9859

    3 Wandel Street, Dunkley Square, Cape Town 021 465 8620

  • 5 Comments to “Down Mexico Way”

    1. Juliet Hutton-Squire on

      oh gosh, I love love love these…wish I had seen the post before I left Cape Town!

    2. Lana on

      Absolutely love Hadeda and anything colourful and Mexican inspired!
      ps your Blogger Wishlist is up today!


    3. Li on

      kowtow kowtow. you are the legend Vicky, oh sourcer of scorcery! I love those scatters and would steal them if I can’t buy them!!!!

    4. Brenda Wardall on

      These are stunning – need to get Phil onto them!

    5. jeanine on

      I used the black frida fabric to wallpaper my guest loo!

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