• I had a peek at Eat, Drink, Chic yesterday and lo and behold there was yet another delicious post to drool over. These laser cut plates by Aussie company Chik are so clever and so very, very lovely don’t you think?


    then there is a range for babies which are simply adorable too


    And if these aren’t enough to make you swoon, how about their range of fabric covered magnets?


    Sigh…too delicious for words…

  • 5 Comments to “Doing the Rounds”

    1. Thaya on

      Too much beauty!

    2. coelho on

      oooooo so nice

    3. Mandy on

      But the smarties would fall right through Bunny’s body :).

      Seriously, they are too too lovely. I want all the baby ones on Zoo-Zoo’s wall.

    4. size too small on

      um, i love these.

    5. Lynda Sorensen on

      beautiful craftmanship, immense talent, God Bless You

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